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Wisconsin's 88th Assembly District


Putting Our Communities First

If Madison continues to ignore the people of Northeast Wisconsin, then we need to return the power to local communities for local solutions.



Our economy is dependent on the next generation having a good education.  We need leaders who understand this and are willing to invest in our children.


Without clean air and water, we cannot have a great economy.  We have also become dependent on the clean up of the Fox River and Green Bay. The world class fishery and scheduled re-opening of the beach at Bay Beach contribute to our economy and quality of life.


Our economy is dependent on people and goods being moved in an efficient manner. Our current infrastructure is suffering from neglect, our highways and bridges are crumbling. We need to maintain and improve our infrastructure.


Wisconsinites must be able to afford needed treatments without resorting to bake sales. Our economy can’t reach its full potential when our neighbors are declaring bankruptcy because they can’t pay their medical bills. We need to give people the option to save on their health insurance and protect people with pre-existing conditions.

We need to cut middle class taxes while investing in our schools, improving our local roads and expanding access to job training in our high schools and technical colleges by making the rich and corporations pay their fair share. I will make sure your tax dollars are invested to create and expand businesses and keep good paying jobs here at home.